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We are Yamin & Sid a married couple. Two artist from Houston, Texas working together to make all kinds of Handmade Art goodies. Co-founders of yaminsidrebel.

Hi I am Sid and here is a little Bio on Yamin a Houston Local Artist.

Yamin Cespedes, a artist and professor of art, elevates the standards of creative expression in the local art scene through his work. He upholds an eclectic aesthetic, influenced in part by enigmatic past masters like M.C. Escher, Dali, and H.R. Giger, and in part by good old rock ‘n’ roll. Always, he has been fascinated by the innumerable ways in which materials can be transformed to manifest ideas.

A true renaissance man, Yamin’s expertise extends to most any material, from wood, metal, leather, or glass to photography. His preferred medium is sculpture, primarily with wood and metal. This preference reflects the influence of his father, a master woodworker, with whom Yamin worked from boyhood to restore antique furniture. It was during this tutelage that Yamin first realized the potential to free the forms held within a solid. The interest in the transformation of materials persisted, and itself transformed into a profession.

Studying art as a university student in Chile, Yamin then specialized in education, and gained licensure to teach at the university level. For fifteen years, he served as a professor of art at various educational institutions. He deeply enjoyed his tenure, where he was able to not only share practical knowledge with his students but to evoke their creativity as well. Though, when life pulled him in a different direction and brought him to Texas, he was ready

Beginning a new, Yamin and his wife (and their darling cat, Gala) established their creative presence in the Houston art circuit. Yamin soon became known for designing custom items of extraordinary diversity. From ornamental to practical, his commission history includes a great variety of objects, but he still prefers to sculpt in wood and metal, citing the contrast of materials as capable of leaving an especially potent impression on the viewer.

In Houston, a city Yamin enjoys in part because of its cultural diversity and lively, collaborative art scene, he has been featured in many galleries, festivals and artisan markets. The DeLorean Motor Company contracted him as a designer of jewelry, and he has created logos for a variety of other arts-based events, musicians, and private companies. Additionally, the YaminSidRebel online shop attracts clients from across not only the United States, but globally as well. For his artistic achievements, the Houston Press as well as numerous other local publications have distinguished him. He is a truly talented and original creator, and the Houston art scene esteems his unique contribution.

Thank You for visiting our website. Let us know if you have any special request, Yamin does custom work and it's very affordable and Amazing.

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